Scientific Grand Prize 2014. Call for nominations

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Du 15 Novembre 2013 au 24 Janvier 2014


The Lefoulon-Delalande Grand Prize, of 500 000 euros, will be awarded in 2014. The following conditions will apply:

sommaireSubmission of the dossiers

The dossier must be mailed electronically as one continuous pdf file to the following electronic address:

And sent by post:
Président du Conseil Scientifique de la Fondation Lefoulon-Delalande
Bureau des Fondations
Institut de France
23 quai de Conti
75270 PARIS Cedex 06 FRANCE

sommaireDeadline for the reception of the dossiers

Deadline for the reception of the dossiers: January 24, 2014

sommaireDate of award decision

Date of award decision: April 3, 2014

sommaireConstitution of the dossier

  •  A nominating proposal by a distinguished scientist using the official form lefoulon_formulaire_gd_prix_2014_ang.pdf
  • A curriculum vitæ (1page)
  • A description of the scientific achievements of the candidate focusing especially on those contributions that deserve the Grand Prize (2 pages maximum)
  • A list of 10 major publications
  • Additional documents will not be taken into consideration

Please note:

  1. The Institut de France requires that the nomination form be presented in both French and English.
  2. A candidacy can only be accepted if :
    - The official nominating form, established by a distinguished scientist, has been duly completed
    - All required documents for establishing a dossier are included
  3. A candidacy that was not selected in the previous years can be resubmitted provided that the project is updated and submitted preferably by a new distinguished scientist.
  4. Members of the Institut de France are not eligible.

sommaireDownloadable form on the website